Brainiac dating

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Brainiac dating

Foreground clumps of dark matter in galaxy clusters gravitationally bend the Earth-bound light from background galaxies. Einstein hoped to see the real deal during the total solar eclipse over Russia on Aug. Unfortunately, the start of World War I killed those plans, as Germany had declared war on Russia.

It wasn't until the total solar eclipse of 1919 that Einstein's prediction about bending starlight was confirmed.

This improved the spatial resolution of the data to 180 miles (290 kilometers), twice the previous resolution of 320 miles (520 km).

"It was as if we'd cut the spacecraft's orbital altitude in half, and it gave us a much better view of what's happening on the surface," Jack Wilson, the study's principal investigator and a postdoctoral researcher at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in Maryland, said in the statement.

A new examination of old data suggests that there might be ice hiding in the Martian equator, even though scientists previously thought that the substance couldn't exist there.

Scientists uncovered an unexpected amount of hydrogen when looking at older data from NASA's Mars Odyssey spacecraft dating back to between 20.

The same concept would produce a visible effect with starlight passing by the sun, Einstein suspected.

[How The Search for Water on Mars in Pictures] Mars Odyssey's first major discovery, in 2002, was also linked to water; the spacecraft found buried hydrogen at high latitudes, and the 2008 landing of the Phoenix Mars lander confirmed that there was water ice.

For this new study, the researchers analyzed data collected using Mars Odyssey's neutron spectrometer.

The instrument is not designed to directly detect water, but by measuring neutrons, it can detect signatures of hydrogen, which can mark the presence of water or other hydrogen-bearing substances.

To see the effects of gravitational lensing, or the warping of light around the sun, you'll need more than a piece of paper, though.

But if you look at the stars around the sun during a total solar eclipse with a telescope, you may notice that the stars appear a little warped.

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Cut a large hole at the center of the paper, approximately the size of a half-dollar coin, then prick tiny holes around it.