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There's more pain than glory, more pain than fun, all the drugs, sex, and violence are to help cope with the nightmarish reality.It’s being embraced, he’s starting to pick up steam, from the streets to the internet his name is being mentioned with praise and a hint of fear.In one of his few interviews, a journalist asked 21 Savage about his history in the streets.He opens up about an incident that happened back in middle school, where a kid was talking slick and led him to bringing a gun the next day.Buying a pistol with a 30 round clip is not the same as documenting a turbulent relationship.Over 550K viewers have watched 21 Savage’s “Red Opps,” but how many of them could actually, truly relate?21 Savage has a completely different aura, it’s that same aura that has caused him to become a local sensation.I have friends reciting his lyricis even though they come from a completely different background.

It’s different hearing him talk about the things he raps about, without a beat banging in the background you have to confront the severity of his words. Atlanta’s latest street rapper might be more street than rapper.There’s no lies in his lyrics, the settings that he describes sound like recollections, reliving the moments that have happened or things that he’s prepared to do.It’s the same with Future, coming to terms with what he raps versus how he lives.21 Savage is truly a product of the streets in the darkest sense, with dead friends tattooed on his skin and a heart colder than a blanket of snow, he’s not fabricating a life.

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You don't have to live the life to enjoy the music, the same goes for mafia movies, you don't have to be the Godfather to enjoy Al Pacino.