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Those are just the highlights; there are many more immensely helpful small touches, too, like the ability to share from File Explorer to social networks, and even the way the Share panel itself now shows icons for your most frequent contacts at the top, making it easy to send stuff to them.One more cool thing: The on-screen keyboard now includes a mic icon, so you can use your voice anywhere you need to enter text.I'm upgrading: Asus P5N-D to Asus Asus P8Z68-V LXIntel Q6600 to Intel i5 2500k Corsair DDR2 4GB to G-Skill DDR3 8GBHow do I prepare my HDD and such for this?I have two internal SATA's and an External 1TB drive.Your data and programs come along for the ride when you update from previous versions, though it's always a good idea to back up before an OS upgrade.Windows 10's minimum system requirements are surprisingly low: a 1GHz processor, 1GB of RAM, and 16GB of hard drive space.

Somehow I doubt it, due to the change in motherboard = change in registry and such.

That's partly why Microsoft delivered Windows 10 S, which will only run Store apps.

In fact, Microsoft recommends against using any third-party registry-optimizing software for Windows 10.

Consider, for example, that the voice-activated digital assistant Cortana showed up a year before Apple added Siri to mac OS, that only Windows Hello lets you log in to your desktop with your face, and that only Windows offers full touch-screen support.

Like last spring's Creators Update, Fall Creators Update isn't a drastic overhaul, but it does add some nifty new tools, mobile integrations with i OS and Android, major new app capabilities, security improvements, and helpful system tweaks.

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If you didn't move up from Windows 7 or 8 during the year it was a free upgrade, you can still get Windows 10, but you have to pay.