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From your account, your wife was never that interested in sex, and so you are one of those couples who decided to pair up despite your mismatched libidos.

I do wonder about people who think love will overcome this problem, because surely everyone knows marriage and kids rarely heat up things.

“They would meld their bodies seamlessly with their machines,” she imagines, “without our embarrassment, without our notions of authenticity.” Lasch’s fears about the death of fellow feeling may have been a little overwrought, but his belief that the culture replicates itself in individuals continues to ring true.

It is one thing to know how that feels – evicted from the past, uncertain of the future – and quite another to put it into words.

For one thing, when the children are far away with their grandparents or a trusted babysitter, your wife won't be distracted about the need to make their lunches.Now every inattentive boyfriend, bratty teenager or serial killer can be diagnosed by “us”, the healthy. From a base of hesitancy and repression, Witt embarks on a journey that leads her to the orgy tent at the Burning Man festival, a live pornography shoot and a sex party named Thunderwear IV, after which she sees sex “as a way to become closer to people who intrigued me, whom I wanted to understand better”.In discussing narcissism, Dombek casts doubt over “evidence” such as the NPI, taken from studies in which publication bias, unreplicable outcomes and poor write-ups often skew perceptions.Such findings are often written up with an accompanying sense of moral decline.In July last year, a You Gov press release warned journalists, “Only 37 per cent of millennials think people should ‘always do the right thing’.” Narcissism is back, it seems, and we’re shallower than ever. There was limited ancient guidance on such historically preposterous questions.” Witt’s book is a catalogue of emerging sexualities produced by “ingenuity and perversion”: from activists who believe the female orgasm to be the secret to world peace to wholesome, high-achieving non-monogamists; from the emotional and physical maelstrom of Grindr and Tinder to the “mass intimacy” available via online chat rooms and live webcam feeds. to fulfil the desires of a particular moment,” Witt writes. She has just turned 30, so coupledom still looms as “the default denouement of [her] sexuality, and a destiny rather than a choice”.

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