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Scan your beautiful work into Photoshop, and then turn your image into a bitmap (black and white—no shades of grey). ) allows you to take bitmap images and convert them into font glyphs.

You haven’t learned all about serifs, side-bearings, and kerning? My name’s Kjell Reigstad, and I’m a designer at Automattic.This is part nine in my series “The Principles of Design.” In this series, I share some of the basic tenets of design, and we explore how to apply them to your blog.One cool thing about using Illustrator to draw your alphabet is that you have a wide range of brushes to choose from, so that you can change the style of your entire alphabet with a couple of mouse clicks.One thing I’ve discovered is that, as good as tablet technology has gotten, there’s really no substitute for pen and paper—an alphabet drawn on a tablet will be different from the same alphabet drawn on paper.

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