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Not sure about how many Chinese teens they have, but they are squattered around and you find them after some time.

Luckily their pubic hair was not strong and curly, but soft and long.

Then you have all those Thai girls being marketed as Bejing and Shanghai beauties for privacy reasons and so on.

If you look at nude art sites there is one Chinese photographer who shoots gorgeous models in Hainan, a tropical island between Hong Kong and Vietnam.

A natural Filipina nude She looks young and a bit chubby.

She is one of those 18 year old Thai teens who left the family in the province to try her luck in the big city of Bangkok.

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Her Asian vagina is partly shaved on the bottom around her brown labia, but unshaved from her clit upwards, revealing a rich, but perfectly shaped dark bush of oriental pubic hair - just adorable!