Marlin rifle dating

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Marlin rifle dating

Thankfully, Marlin chose to put sling swivel studs on the new XL7.

The XL7 received for testing is chambered for the .270 Winchester cartridge, which is a fine choice for just about any medium to large game in the US, or for hunting plains game in Africa, with the right bullet. The slim tapered barrel is twenty-two inches long, and the muzzle is finished with a recessed crown.

MR, production started in Remington plant with proof mark REP However, Marlin like Winchester in the early years may have done a few special orders that do not fit.

OR the gun was returned to the factory for repairs & ???

Savage started the trend with their Accu Trigger, and other gun manufacturers have followed suit, greatly improving the trigger action on their rifles.

Recently, I received in for review a new Marlin XL7 bolt action rifle.

I have often stated that if I ever get down to owning just one rifle, it will be one of my Marlin Model 39 leverguns.There is nothing new or radical about the XL7, but it combines some of the best features found on todays modern bolt guns into a very shootable, reliable, accurate, and affordable package.First of all, a bit about the Marlin Firearms Company.The fast-stepping .270 Winchester cartridge is a good match for such a rifle.It is very flat shooting, and can really reach out and hammer medium game like whitetail deer, without punishing the shooter with heavy recoil.

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