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And it’s not surprising given the very unrealistic portrayals of love in movies, TV, and music.

A text later, they were having dinner."I don't remember what we had for dinner, but we had a nice dinner," she said. "Mama don't sleep over on the first date," she joked.

Just wanting to support the other person and make them happy. Although at first, the couple shied away from opening up about their relationship.

So there's a different selflessness in the love that's beautiful and different. Once months passed by, they began to speak on it to the media and their fans. Lo took to Instagram to publicly say some sweet words about him."Happy Birthday to the man who makes my heart skip a beat every time he walks in the room," she captioned a sultry photo.

When you’re fixated on someone, it feels more like you’re suffocating. like you must have them treat you a certain way, give you a certain relationship title, or somehow prove their commitment to you.

You feel like until you have this, you are not OK and will not be OK.

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OK, so I talked earlier about what fixation feels like and how it’s the biggest warning sign that you’re trying to have a relationship with a bad match (that is, a match that isn’t going to work out in the long term and will drain your life, heart and soul until there’s nothing left…).

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