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Webcam chat sub

In this app, a call can be placed by sending a JSON packet to the user’s standby channel: Upon accepting the call, the call recipient creates the SDP Offer, and video chat begins.

Android RTC provides a good example of how to handle incoming calls.

Best of all, it is fully compatible with the Pub Nub Javascript Web RTC SDK!

That’s right, you are minutes away from creating your very own cross platform video-chatting application.

But for some streaming use cases, latency is a business-critical consideration.

Let's take a look at a few streaming use cases where low latency is undeniably important.

You will have to modify the module’s , you will first need to include a few dependencies. I recommend including it as it is useful in messaging, presence, and signaling features.

Then, in your application’s you will need to grant the following permissions for both Pub Nub and Web RTC to function properly.

Pn Web RTC is a signaling service, meaning you will have to gather video and audio resources separately using the Web RTC Android SDK, but this is easy.

That delay between when a camera captures video and when the video is displayed is latency? By default, latency with the super-popular Apple HLS streaming protocol is 30–45 seconds (more on this below), so when people talk about low latency, they are often speaking of whittling that down to single-digit seconds.

However, the term latency, of course, but in what contexts does low latency truly matter?

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For most streaming scenarios the regular 30–45-second delay isn't problematic.

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